Posted by on August 12, 2018

A Huge Thank You!!!!!

Dr. Labig changed our baby’s life and gave us hope of having a healthy child. Our baby slept in his carseat day and night for the first 8 months of his life due to severe reflux and colic. Meds were being increased and our stress levels were increasing too.

Then someone told me about Dr. Labig working with infants. It was the most wonderful experience for our family and he had the most gentle touch. Our son had 5-6 visits, and we have had no signs of reflux as it immediately started to show change in sleeping and reflux reduction.

He is now 16 months and still doing great! The best part- NO MEDS!!!!!!! The best gift any doctor could give to a family!!!!:)

Thank you Dr. Labig!

-Dorie P.