Posted by on September 25, 2018

I started going to Labig Chiropractic about 16 years ago. I had an on the job injury to my hip and lower back that was only worsened by all the muscle relaxers given to me by my medical doctor. I always said I would never go to a “quack chiropractor”. Am I ever glad I gave Dr. Labig a last resort try.

Within a couple of weeks, I was walking upright again ( I had been limping severely and couldn’t stand straight for 4 straight months). My pain was cut by about 80%. I go once in a while still yet when my hip or back hurt me from lifting or falling, etc. I reinjured my lower back in January ’05 and couldn’t lay down all weekend. I cried a lot and couldn’t pick my feet off the floor; my husband took me to Dr. Labig’s office Monday morning and I drove my child to preschool that afternoon. I still had lingering pain as you would with any severe injury. But I could go up and down stairs and slept in my own bed that night. I went 2 more times to follow up, and my lower back was restored.

I will not go to another chiropractor, but prefer the wonderful care I get here. As with any severe, long-term injury, I need an adjustment every few months depending on how I behave with my injury. The doctor is not God, but he sure can alleviate a lot of unnecessary pain! I don’t know what I would do without this business to help me stay off of pain medication. Oh, and the reason I still have some problems after so many years is my injury is a sprain (which may never heal) and I also did not stop the lifting when I was advised to stop, to let my injury properly heal. That was my job at the time. Had I found a less physically demanding job, my pain may have been pretty much eliminated.

I just know I am EXTREMELY happy with this business and the care I have always received here. My entire family visits this establishment, even my children. One has been adjusted for sinus and one to help with bladder problems. Dr. Labig doesn’t make any promises, and I would be careful of a doctor who does, but the adjustments for the bladder problems, I believe, helped to get my child off of expensive prescriptions (that only caused a domino affect of having more prescriptions to counter the effect of the first drug). I still took my child to the urologist for a follow up and didn’t mention the chiropractic care, but said I would like to try her off the medication. She improved greatly, and has been off the RX for nearly a year; the bladder spasms stopped. I was not promised the adjustments would work, but it was worth a try and I’m glad I did.

I had heard so many stories over the years about chiropractors who just keep bringing you back for endless visits. Dr. Labig just schedules visit to visit, depending on the injury. For the past 11 years (after I quit my heavy lifting job) I have just gone back occasionally for an adjustment. Even when I reinjured my back 8 months ago, he just had me come back as needed.

I recommend this establishment to everyone of every age. There are also nutritional supports sold here, which I have bought occasionally. I drive one hour to reach this particular doctor and will continue to do so. Tell him the cake decorator sent you! He’ll know who you mean.